Choose The Right Suit For Your Body Type

Choose The Right Suit For Your Body Type

The right suit can make you feel like the best version of you. When worn with elan, a suit can be the most trusted alley to escape the major fashion faux-pas. So, it is important that you pick the right suit, which can make you feel pulled together. You can take the great offerings of the best
bespoke suit tailors in Phuket. Besides the obvious pitfalls, most of the men tumble into when it comes to picking the right suit – ill fit, cheap fabrics, terrible cuts – and, the list is endless. Don’t fret! The professional tailors in Phuket are here to help you find the ideal suit for your body shape. Tune in to know more —

Spruce it up for short men:

According to the bespoke suit tailors in Phuket, men with short height should opt for a peak lapel as it can help lengthen their torso. Suits with pinstripes and micro-checks direct the eyes up and down and thus giving the illusion of height. As said by the tailors in Phuket, a short-height man should head for shorter cut jackets that can cover curves of their backside to elongate their frames. Extra shirt cuff poking out from under the arm jacket can help a suit appear proportionally smaller.

Suits to flatter lofty structures:

Men who belong to this category face exactly the opposite problem to that of the short men grapple with. So, the trends that the short men are restricted to should be embraced by the men blessed with lofty structures. As per the tailors in Phuket, men with tall frames should aim for breaking up the vast space between their heads and toes. The jacket must be on the longer side to cut the leg line. Also, the jacket should be on the longer side to ensure there is no shirt sticking out below the bottom button. According to the bespoke suit tailors in Phuket, minimum cuffs are the tricks that tall men should deploy to flatter their frames.

Compliment a skinny silhouette:

Padding in the jacket shoulder can flatter a skinny structure – although too much volume should be kept at bay. According to the professional tailors in Phuket, padding in the jacket shoulder will make a skinny man appear broader, and also, accentuate the desired V-shape on his torso. Busy patterns including textured weaves and checks work wonders in adding weight to a skinny body frame.

Make the most of your athletic frame:

And, finally here comes the band of athletic lads! For the man with athletic structure, chances are galore that he has got the perfect build to pull off a suit. Right now, extreme proportions are trending; it could be those strangely oversize pockets, outsize pants or super-broad shoulders. If worn with elan and right accessories, these odd yet interesting trends can flatter any body type.

This is where the bespoke suit tailors come into play, as they can help you get the slouch sans looking overwhelmed.

Pick the right suit to flatter your silhouette. Break a leg!

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