Some of the Best Ways to Pull off Your Blazer with Style

Some of the Best Ways to Pull off Your Blazer with Style

Trends in fashion emerge out of a necessity to embrace a fresh spin in the visual language. Out of those legions of men’s apparels, the blazers have always been in the vogue. Be it for teaming up with a formal suit or a styling a plain shirt, a blazer should be that ultimate holy-grail ensemble for your closet. Never quite sure how to style your blazer? Well, look into the following guideline to steer clear of your confusions –

Begin with buying the right blazer:-

Gone are those days when those nautical blazers were only considered to be the pinnacle of vogue. Today, the fashion-conscious people don’t shy away from trying their hands at blazers of eye-popping colors, unique cuts and designs. These days, the double-breasted, two-buttoned blazers are making quite a buzz. Not only stylish, but these blazers are also high on sophistication. You can opt for those padded-shouldered blazers if you intend to don one at a formal event. As with all matters sartorial, the fit is everything. So, having your blazer absolutely custom-fit is of paramount importance. Grey and Navy are the safest options if you intend to keep those silly fashion faux pas at bay. There are many ways to don a blazer, but here are some that we like the most –

• With a party shirt and a stylish tie

You must be presuming this look as similar to the traditional suit look, but it’s not. Make sure to match this with a pair of smart chinos or jeans and casual footwears. To create a wonderful sartorial juxtaposition, team a party shirt with a stylish tie.

party shirt and a stylish tie

• Wear a sweater underneath your blazer

Going high on your fashion note gets difficult during the cold months. According to the world-famous designers, by picking the right blazer, one can beat the wintry months without even compromising on style. Sweaters include texture to what might otherwise look simple. A sweater can add a slight pinch of elegance too if donned in a casual setting.

sweater and blazer

• Style your blazer with a V-neck tee

V-neck tee-shirts have always been in the vogue. Men, regardless of their age, have always been in love with those stylish, high-brand V-neck tees. The reason for inclining towards V-neck is that they offer that sharp look, which works wonders in pulling off a blazer look.

blazer with a V-neck tee

• With a tight-fit denim jeans

From a fun-filled party to a hanging out with friends, the fit-and-flare jeans is always occasion appropriate. It’s no surprise, that, a brilliant blazer teamed with a stylish shirt and jeans can make anyone stand out even amidst a crowd.

Blazer withdenim jeans


Rely on the best suit makers:-

As long as you are counting on the right experts, you are doing it right! Hence, make sure to get in touch with the best designers of Thailand who ensure to offer you the finest apparels. Among a number of suiting hubs claiming to fame in Thailand, Suit Master has stood out undoubtedly. You can rely on them to avail the finest blazers and suits.

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