Top Five Suiting Styles Decoded by the Tailors in Phuket

Top Five Suiting Styles Decoded by the Tailors in Phuket

A suit is a quintessential sartorial piece to every millennial’s wardrobe. Despite being one of the oldest piece of ensembles, a suit is still in vogue for a plethora of reasons. Over the past few years, the classic suits have undergone an array of style upgrades. As a modern-age fashion-conscious man, if you want your suit to look the spiffiest, then you should follow any of these below-mentioned trends. Since all these suiting tricks have been picked out by the best of tailors in Phuket, you can rely on them sans any hesitation. Let’s get started –

The double-buttoned suits:-

No matter how many suiting trends have been debunked by the millennial fashion police, a double-buttoned suit won’t fly the fashion nest. As suggested by the bespoke tailors in Thailand, just like a classic suit, a double-buttoned suit can be worn at any occasion. Simce a double-buttoned suit will suit almost every body type, you could don it irrespective of your figure type. One of the best things about a double-buttoned suit is that because of its simplistic look and feel, it could be worn at an out-and-out formal event, too. If you want to add a twinge of spark to it, then you might team it up with a stylish shirt, a sleek tie, a set of visually-catchy cuff-links et al. As per the designers, you can slip into a double-buttoned suit with the patterned dress shirts, et al.

Double-breasted suits are timeless:-

Since its inception, the double-breasted suits have successfully causing a stirring ripple the world across. Even today when the majority of millennials seem to be going gaga over the ripped jackets or distressed jeans, the sartorial charm of a double-breasted suit is still holding the ground. Since it is ideal for people with the taller and slenderer structures, the tailors in Phuket recommend a double-breasted suit mainly for those who are a bit on the slimmer side. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not keep your jacket unbuttoned when you are wearing a double-breasted suit. The custom dress shirts and solid colored ties could be the ideal bets if you want to stylize your double-breasted suit.

Play up with plaids:-

Desirous to add a dash of spunk to your appearance? If yes, then get your hands on the plaid suits. Not only is a plaid suit unique, but also is an extremely stylish piece that can help you stand out midst the crowd. The best part about a plaid suit is that it could be a year-round fave for everyone who adores style over tradition. Plaids are comprised of bright hues and prints. And hence, it could add a lot of spunk to your appearance almost instantly.

Three-piece suits are a treat to the eyes:-

Three-piece suit is the last but certainly not the least preferred suit in this list. As explained by the best bespoke tailors in Thailand, a three-piece suit is the epitome of subtle sophistication. It is that stand-alone suit, which will never become outdated. Delving into the sophisticated charm of a three-piece suit, any man can look a dapper instantly. To add a little spin of style, you can layer your three-piece suit during the colder months. Adding a waistcoat or a cool vest, you can take the sartorial charm of your suit to a new height. Pick a custom-fit shirt, which is woven in the solid patterns and bright hues like bright fuchsia, neon blue, etc.

Abide by these tips and tricks to strengthen your suiting game. If required, you can also get help of the bespoke suit tailors of Phuket to pick out an apt suit, which will complement your body type and personality.

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