Witness The Most Anticipated Suit Trends of The Year 2017

Witness The Most Anticipated Suit Trends of The Year 2017

It is time for embracing the much-awaited New Year 2017! And, with the arrival of 2017, the fashion-conscious men too have geared up to give a refreshing spin to their wardrobe. This year, the sartorial trends are anticipated to take the aisle less traveled with the double-breasted suits, denim jeans, check prints and stylish blazers, taking their experimentation spree to a whole new level. Let’s dig into the following excerpt to check out what else are on the cards —

Denim suit

1. Denim deals:-

Acknowledge it whole-heartedly or deny it completely, the denim ensembles are still considered one of the staple outfits of a man’s wardrobe. The luxurious fabrics of denim have never failed to allure men, especially, those who are reluctant to taint their comfort zone with those tacky apparels for the sake of vogue! The men are undoubtedly snobbish about using the exquisite fabric of denim in anything but their casual outfits, but with eye-popping colors and finer weaves, it is not inconceivable to embrace a nice-looking denim suit.

Check print suits

2. Check prints:-

Men’s suits will be incomplete without checks. Check prints were big last year and they will continue to hold the fashion nest even in 2017. White and black check prints have come into play, providing the look with an aesthetic appeal through print combination and optical illusions. So, it is expected that men will don checkered suits to team up with their chinos or jeans this year. Rather than the traditional dark shades like navy blue, grey, charcoal or greys, the stripes or checks in beige, light grey or aqua blue will be trending in 2017.

Double breasted suits

3. Double-breasted suits:-

Men’s ardent love for the double-breasted suits will go off on a high note in 2017. Nothing can complement a man’s silhouette quite like a well-fitted double-breasted suit. Witnessing the exponential popularity of these ensembles, many style-conscious men are adorning their wardrobes with the double-breasted suits this year. The slim lapels and trouser legs will remain popular, but they will witness a stiff competition. The drape of the double breasted suit is usually a bit on the baggy side, but it will not go back to the days of 80’s gangsters.

New colors and pattern suit

4. New colors and patterns:-

The charcoal and navy will still be the pinnacle of vogue, but men are expected to play with some different colors and patterns in 2017. This year, unusual patterns and colors will create a buzz on the fashion runway. The bright and eye-popping colors will make their rooms in a man’s wardrobe this year.

Ill-fitted bottom wears

5. Ill-fitted bottom wears

Men’s bottom wears have been in a bit tight spot for the last few decades. The fitted lower wear paved their ways for slim to be completely overtaken by the ultra-slim fits. The ill-fitted lower wear will be back in fashion again in 2017. While donning a baggy or ill fit might still be stretching it a bit too much, yet walking in a ‘comfort-fit’ bottom wear will not be considered a fashion faux pas this year. You can team your ill-fitted bottom wears with the comfy blazers without a single pinch of doubt.

Like every year, 2017 too has its own share of suiting trends. This blog sheds a light on some of the trends anticipated to hold the ground in 2017.

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