If there is one suit you should never live without, it's the grey suit. Probably one of the indestructible and most versatile suits out there, grey suit will effortlessly bear you through the classy dinner party your company is hosting, to the board meeting at the end of the meet.

The grey suit is highly adaptable and there is nothing that this wonderful piece of tailoring can’t do. Depending on the shade of grey you have picked, you will be able to rock the suit in a summer wedding, or wear it to work, on a regular day.

While, on one hand, it's absolutely possible to stick with the traditional, and wear your grey suit with a white shirt, you can also unbutton your sleeves, wear a black shirt, and go for the bold statement with the suit.


For grey suit , We recommend the classic summer suiting from the Portofino range of Holland & Sherry as these are woven from fine Merino wool that has been blended with polyester. When tailored this remarkable cloth results in garments that are durable, excellent for travel and easy to care for.  

Some of the key benefits from this collection would be intrinsic durability, resists excessive creasing and recover well between each wear.  Also the garments will keep their shape and have good drape qualities. 

This remarkable collection has the herringbone , prince of wales, Split matt check, birdseye, Sharkskin, Pinstripe and plains. 


A grey suit can be worn almost anywhere. Depending on the cut, style and what you have paired the suit with, you can wear it for a regular day at work, or for a wedding. Grey Suit is particularly popular among party-goers as well. Many big companies choose grey suits as their corporate uniform because of its formal look.

A grey suit can be good for day time events and night time events- one of the reasons why it is the most versatile suits. At work, it can help you show value, power and competence to your clients and member of higher management.

" Toughness doesn't have to come in a pinstripe suit."

Dianne Feinstein



Probably one of the best things that go in favor of a Grey Suit is its amazing versatility. It suits all skin tones and can be combined with a number of shirts and ties. For the traditional, official look, opt for a grey suit with a white shirt and a black tie.

If you want to make a unique statement, wear the grey suit with a dark blue shirt. For the morning times, you can choose to wear light blue or pink shirts with your grey suit. You can even wear a grey waistcoat to complete the look.

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