When one thinks about groundbreaking office fashion, one does not really think about lawyers. However, legal clothing and suits have taken a rather surprisingly fashionable turn. A lawyer must inspire confidence. They can accomplish this with their technical know-how, but it does help to look the part as well. After all, a professional in a well-tailored suit will certainly inspire more trust than one dressed shabbily. Freshen up your custom-made line up with our finely crafted legal wear.

The line between “fashionable” and “inappropriate” is rather thin when it comes to the legal world. A lawyer should have a particular dress sense they follow when they are meeting clients, or heading a meeting. They should have a different sense when they are suiting up to go to the courtroom. However,courtroom or not, there is no reason why an attorney should not dress to kill. Let our unrivalled craftsmanship and expertise do the talking with sharply designed legal suits.


Our varied collections of fabrics serve all the needs of a fashion conscious legal personality. It's a collection that can inspire trust and confidence, and it will certainly cause envy. The fabric collection is spectacularly wide because we cater to men of a rather international taste. Our selection of black wool fabrics, wool blends, microfibre which helps in keeping the creases away along with any other colors, textures and shades will meet the requirements of every man, and we will make sure that our suits do justice to the person wearing them. Cut in flattering slim fit, our collection will bolster your on-work repertoire whether you wear your suit separately or pair it with matching trousers.


Suits are appropriate clothing for all legal situations- whether it is meeting your client, or appearing in front of the judge. Legal suits can be worn for regular days at work, too. After all, these suits are simple, classic and elegant-they are hardly imposing. The simple nature of the suits makes it easy for them to be worn even on a casual basis. Since our collection epitomizes contemporary sensibility at its best, it will lend an aura of luxury and class to any on-duty engagement or formal occasion with aplomb.


When you are appearing in a courtroom, it's best for you to keep the suit simple. A basic suit in black or dark charcoal grey, worn with a formal shirt and a solid tie would do the trick. You could opt for a slightly bolder cut and a more interesting tie for client visits and days at work. Formal shoes such as Oxfords  are the ones that go best with legal suits.

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