Probably the biggest misunderstanding in today's fashion world, The dress code ' Black- tie' is for a dinner suit and bow-tie and definitely not a black work suit and black neck tie.

There are many ways to dress up for a dinner suit, go for classic elegance with a black shawl collar single button jacket with satin lapels and you cant go wrong. Alternatively, play with colors and go for a french navy suit with black lapels and you will stand out like Mr. Bond himself.


  This celebratory collection is a combination of two collections from 2 different Italian mills. Lanficio Tessilstrona and Tesitura Di Quarenga. The range is a trendier range, in a revisited classical style, using high torsion yarns with unusual finishing treatments.

   An extremely versatile and flexible range which surely suceeds in satisfying at highest levels. This range, a 100% Wool Jacquard Suiting, 260 grams. surely guarantees the highest performance and wearability.

   Some of the key benefits from this collection would be intrinsic durability, resists excessive creasing and recover well between each wear.  Also the garments will keep their shape and have good drape qualities. 

   This remarkable mix of fibres offers some excellent beneficial qualities that will provide the wearer with a high level of comfort. 


At Suit Master, We only use the finest wools from world class mills for Suits and the finest pure cotton for shirts. Please visit the fabrics page to see more fabric samples.


The dinner suit is made for special occasions. It's not the ideal suit for professional environment, so avoid wearing it to work. The black tie is for celebrations- it's a great option for weddings, parties and other celebrations. Depending on the style and formality of the party, you can dress up or dress down your tux to make the right impression.

As everyone will look the same, the only way to stand out is to focus on doing everything flawlessly instead of making a style statement.

" If I go to an awards ceremony, I wear a suit, of course I do. I am proud to be there. If there are young kids looking at pictures of me, I want them to feel that they should long for the opportunity to go somewhere really smart and wear a beautiful suit, rather than to reject that."

Tinie Tempah


The fact is that a dinner is worn only a few times in a year, so it can last for over a decade. The key lies in investing something that is well-crafted and fits you perfectly so that you will always look at your best whenever you wear it. A well-made tux makes everybody look great- in fact, it is impossible for a person to wear a tux and look bad.

Wear it with a Bow-tie, dinner shirt, pocket square (depending on your outfit), patent leather lace-ups or velvet slipper loafers. Cummerbunds are optional depending on how traditional you are, however, belts should never be worn with a dinner suit.

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