Let Suit Master’s unmatched tailoring do the talking while you wear our Pinstripe Suit. Believed to be derived from ledger lines found in account books, Pinstripe forms a fine vertical continuous stripe.

They can be pearl or brightly colored and are enough to lend a heavy dose of style and panache to your wardrobe.

Though Pinstripe suits are losing its formal connotations, you can wear them to work to exert some extra influence. 


Due to its growing reputation, the versatile Pinstripe suit can nowadays be used to create a variety of styles. So, in order to get more out of your suit, here are some looks that you can achieve effortlessly with a single suit.

Wear your Pinstripe suit with a sharply contrasted collar, cuff links and French cuffs to create a refined and elegant look. Without a doubt, these three graceful accessories with a well-crafted Pinstripe suit personify truly spectacular fashion.  

If you want to attain a sophisticated look, try to match the color of your tie with the actual color of the stripe. This stellar interplay of colors will not just maximize the class of your suit, but it also creates a complementary, cohesive look to enhance your overall appearance beyond all your expectations. 



The variety of stripes and weights of cloth today are too large to be listed in detail. For Summer suits we recommend the Holland and Sherry Pinnacle Mohair ( Superfine wool & Kid Mohair). This collection is designed to offer a quintessional collection of stripes for mens' tailored summer suits.  

Mohair cloth feels dry, crisp and smooth. It is also capable of extracting moisture away from the skin making cool to wear and ideal for humid environments.. 

For winter suits, We recommend the flannel wool from Giovanico. These have been a classic collection for nearly a decade. These cloths are flannel wools with Mink cashmere and will definitely be appreciated over many years. 


The pinstripe suit still enjoys a “professional” vibe, but there is some amount of taboo attached to it when it comes to wearing it to work. Hence, it would be best to wear this suit for important meetings, or high-roller sales calls. 

However, you should avoid pinstripe to a formal event, or a black-tie affair, and do not wear one of these to a wedding, or a really formal evening i.e. if you have no idea about how to pull off your pinstripe suit in these occasions

If you're going to buy a suit, don't buy one off the peg if you can afford not to. Go to a tailor, as I always do; find the style you like, and have it fitted to your shape.

Tamer Hassan


To pull off a pinstripe suit as best you can, go with the simplest method- remember the 2 out of 3 rationale. Your pants and suit are going to be pinstriped, but between your tie and your shirt- one should be solid.

Of course, high-fashion rollers do mix up many different patterns, but it might be difficult for you to do so, on a daily basis. You can combine checks with your pinstripe suit, as long as the checks are really tight, so that they don’t distract from the suit.

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