A well-tailored shirt can help you bring your A-game to the table every single time. As a man, you will wear shirts 7 days a week, no matter what your personal tastes in fashion are.  Our  skilled tailors will pay attention to every single detail, just to make sure that the shirt flatters your body flawlessly.

The correct measurements are the key- once one gets the correct measurements for the shirt; the rest of the process is rather simple. Once the shirt has been tailored, you have a piece of clothing that is unique- one that was designed and stitched, just for you. This everyday essential will help you look your best effortlessly, whether it’s for those big occasions or for important clients.


When getting a shirt tailored, the first thing you have to think about is the fabric.  At Suit Master we carry a wide range of highest quality fabrics including Soktas and Snowberry. 

The timeless collection by Suit Master , is a contemporary shirting line that is the perfect blend of fashion and comfort. The collection is made from the finest Egyptian cotton. allowing a soft and silk touch while easily crafted into the couture of the client. 

Cotton is a durable fabric, that is easily adaptable and has a majestic feel, making it ideal shirting fabric for all seasons. 


At Suit Master, We only use the finest wools from world class mills for Suits and the finest pure cotton for shirts. Please visit the fabrics page to see more fabric samples.


The magic of tailored shirts is that you can wear one anywhere- depending on the cut of the shirt, and the fabric, of course. The fabric and the detailing on the shirt would vary depending on the occasion.

For formal occasions, dress shirts are the best option, especially if they are of a neutral color and do not make too bold a statement. 

Phuket tailor Phuket tailor Phuket tailor

" If you look at old football pictures, the jerseys were hanging , the sleeves were dangling, but everything is now tucked and tailored" 

Andre Benjamin


These fits and fabrics would determine how and where you wear the shirt. The formal shirts are best worn with a suit, as long as the suit's color complements that of the shirt. You can finish the look with a good tie, and some polished formal shoes for a flawless perfection.

For the dressier shirts, you can be free to experiment. You can wear them with just a suit, without the tie, for a more casual look.


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