The Double-Breasted suit is back, and with an agenda. The preferred attire of cocky bankers and larger than life businessmen of the 80s has become leaner, slimmer and on the whole, better. 

The modern suits feature wide peak lapels and shorter length jackets, to support the illusion of height; and a slimmer fit to create a more dapper, modern silhouette. 

The modern DB suit is not pretentious, over-the-top suit of the 80s anymore- it's a suit that is formally intimidating, while at the same time being casually chic. It all just depends on one thing- accessorizing.


The most important rule is that the single button inside the double breasted jacket must be fastened to hold everything in place.

When it comes to the buttons, these are essentially the lifeblood of a DB suit. You can get your Double-Breasted suit in two configurations - 6x2 and 4x2. As the name suggests, in 6x2 configuration there are 6 buttons and you need to fasten only two of them. Just button the hidden Anchor button and one on the right side. If this is your first DB suit, then 6x2 would be a perfect option for you. 

Alternatively, in DB suit with 4x2 button configuration, there are 4 buttons in total and you need to fasten just two of them. Fasten the hidden Anchor button at the top and the button on the right, and you are ready to make a suave style statement within seconds 





We recommend our latest collection of Lanificio De Narcissco is a collection that is refined and clean, a collection of classics that will last the wearer a lifetime. Double breasted suits do come in and go out of fashion every now and then so a classic collection would be your best choice.

Above fashion Lanificio de Narcissco offers only a timeless charm woven with great care into fabric thai is versatile and comfortable to wear. Pleasing aesthetics embodies classic colors such as grays, blues and black along with sprinkles of earthy shades to round.



The first rule of wearing a Double-Breasted suit is to wear it on the right occasion. Remember, a double breasted suit can be worn to any occasion a single breasted suit can- except that the double-breasted one would probably make a greater impact.

A DB suit can be worn on a regular day in office; especially if you have already established your image as the man who dresses the sharpest. Double-Breasted suits are best suited for any dressy event- including dinner parties and weddings.  



"A suit is a sign of respect." 

Matt Berninger


For a regular day at the office, pair your double-breasted suit with solid coloured shirts and simple ties. For events that are more informal, go for bolder patterns. Do not shy away from wearing cuff links and pocket squares either- they will make the Double-Breasted suit look smarter and are perfect accessories for contemporary silhouette.

A straight collar shirt would certainly look good, but if you have broad shoulders, make use of the wide-collared shirts. These shirts will also enable you to draw attention to your tie. A Double-Breasted suit is undoubtedly a must-have staple in every man’s wardrobe.  



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