Style & Fabric selection

Suit Master has created several designs for jackets and trouser so that we can provide a well fitted bespoke suit. You can choose the number of buttons on the jacket front and single or side vents at the back. Trousers can be pleated or flat front in a cut thats tapered or comfortable.

At Suit Master , you are able to select from a wide range of solid colors, subtle patterns, bold colors, tweeds, sport jacketing, available in pure worsted merino wool, cotton, mohair, cashmere, silk for your bespoke suits and shirts.

Also for shirts, Suit Master carry an extensive range of super fine cottons in a variety of plain colors and patterns. 





Personalization & Measurements

Our clients are able to be actively involved in the making of the suit by choosing the type of lapels, number of button holes, the linings and color touches to the suit including monogramming. You are also able to select the type of sleeve buttons either kissing or overlapping etc.

For trousers you can choose either with zipper fronts or buttons, loops for belt or without loops to make a neater look. You can select the shape and width of the turn ups which will help in having a beautiful break on your shoes.

Once the above process is complete, we will take the measurements very carefully. Fortunately at Suit Master, our sales team is experienced and gets your measurements taken correctly. Through our store and trips, we have seen alot of suits and clients and definitly know how everything works.

Nothing beats the experience of feeling the fabics and seeing them made as per your instructions to achieve a great quality and fit. 




First Fitting

After a few days after initial consultation and selection procedures, you will be invited to return for the first fitting.

At this stage you will see the shape and fit of the selected garments and with our expert tailoring we will fine tune your garments to make them fit your body perfectly.

 If you are keen on trying them on with your shoes, this would be the ideal fitting session to bring them in and get your trouser length adjusted to have a sharp break on your shoes.

Second Fitting

At this stage, you will see the suit in a near completion stage ready for fine tuning or tweaks that may be required to make them fit your body like a glove.

At this stage, we recommend you to let us know of any changes that you like to be done to make it fit better as once the suit is completed it will be a very difficult task to change. 


A perfect fit, Delivered.

Once the suits are ready for delivery, we can have them delivered to any hotel on the island or even ship directly to your door with Fedex ( shipping costs apply).

The suits will be beautifully packed in our new suit covers and ready for onward travel.  After the items are delivered we will be expecting an email or call from you to order more. 

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