At Suit Master, we believe that a bespoke suit is an investment, and if done under the right guidance, it can enhance your style and confidence beyond your wildest expectations.

      We receive a number of queries from our clients asking about what exactly goes into making a stellar bespoke suit. Though we do our best to enlighten them, it’s not quite as easy as making a simple list of features to get conclusive results.

             There are several indicators and signs that will help you choose the best tailored suit for you. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the key factors that make Suit Master’s bespoke garments as among the finest in the world.

All our garments carry reinforced stitching under the jacket collar. These five layers of stitching are added so that the collar never rolls up. The collar will stay flipped up, so you can reveal the beautiful embroidery and cloth right underneath. 

The exceptional fit of our clothing is achieved by our perfect made-to-measure techniques. No other suit will fit you as perfect as this bespoke creation. Our suits are meant to fit your body perfectly, unlike the run-of-the-mill suits you can find in retail stores. 



Hand-picked stitching is the method through which small, unobtrusive stitches are made along the edge of the jacket, the lapel and the pocket flaps. 

This hand-picked stitching is the ultimate proof that you are wearing a suit that has been hand-tailored to suit you. This custom handiwork will certainly have an impact on your style statement. 


Pocket-squares can make a suit look much more sophisticated. Our suits come with a built-in pocket square you can pull out whenever you want to. This is the ultimate statement in the world of comfort-meets-fashion. 


Each and every suit comes with a sweat and odor shield in the underarm section. This will prevent sweat from damaging your jacket, and your social interactions. 


Jacket linings can prove that the jacket you are wearing is one of a kind. You can choose from our wide selection of silk jacket linings. Our range extends from daring prints, to subtle and bold colors. 


When you get something as unique and personalized as this suit, you would want to put your name on the same. We will embroider your name on the inner waistband of your pants and on the inside of your suit jacket. 


The canvas interlining on the inside of the suit gives it the right shape and form. Full-canvas can make sure that the garment lasts a longer time, and provides you with a natural fit that allows for flawless, unrestricted movement. 


Most retail stores sacrifice the full-canvas feature, to reduce costs, but that will not happen in this case. All our suits are tailored using lightweight canvas, so that you can get a suit with the perfect fit.



You will have a large number of suit styles, jacket styles, coat features, pocket styles, pocket configurations, and pants styles to choose from. You can put together a suit that is entirely unique and stellar.


Our waistbands are thicker, stiffer and reinforced, so that there is no rolling. This waistband will look perfect, even if you are not wearing a belt. The rubberized strip around the waist also ensures that the shirt stays tucked in. 


There was a time when military surgeons would have cuffs they could roll up, in case they had to operate. The working buttonholes provide for an alterable sleeve length. This is a feature seen only in custom garments, so you will be able to flaunt it with style.


note: This feature is available on request only

The hem of the pants (near your heels) is one area that receives a lot of wear and tear. The friction the area faces, from your shoe, can cause a lot of damage to it.
We ensure that this damage does not occur, by putting an extra strip of material on the inside of the hem area. This will protect your pants' hem.
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