Tony Cotter

ANZ, Queensland Australia

I have been purchasing business suits and shirts from Peter and the team at Suitmaster in Phuket since 2007. I have always found the quality and service exceptional and in the beginning I recommended Suitmaster to many of my friends and work colleagues who visited Phuket.

I have placed them in contact with many of my work colleagues who have found the quality, service and price to be outstanding. Peter and Suitmaster have many repeat customers and I would have no hesitation to recommend their services.

Shawn Longo

Vancouver, B.C. , Canada

It's Shawn Longo from Vancouver, BC Canada. (Referred by Kevin Church). I have received the suits, shirts and ties. Everything fits great, thank you. Only thing missing was my initials in the inside of each suit, but no problem.

I'm thinking of purchasing the over coat we designed when you were last in Vancouver taking my measurements. Do you have the information still­ I created an online account on your website, and want to make sure if I order from it you have all my information.

Adrian Picard ( legal wear client)

Vancouver, B.C. , Canada
I received the clothing yesterday. I tried most of it on and it's very pleasing. The gown in particular is very well done. As well, the shirts are great. I can't thank you enough. I am very satisfied.
The pants all fit (you were right to add some sizing in the thighs), but I could not figure out how to adjust the waist. Could you advise how to do that in the event I need a little more room? Thanks.
Keep me informed if you intend to return here next summer.
thanks again

M. Fisher

ANZ, Brisbane, Australia

Hi Peter,

Just a quick note to let you know I received my suits today.  They look great.  It is also very pleasing for me to now have shirts that actually fit me well.

I only had one small comment in that I actually would have preferred two rear pockets in the pants.  But this isn't a big issue.

Thanks again and all the best.



D.B. London, United Kingdom

Hi Peter

 the packaged arrived last Friday, all good.

Suits are fantastic, and I am looking forward to the shirts – fit is great.

Thanks again



D.B. London, United Kingdom

Hi Peter,


Just wanted to let you know that the suits have arrived and they are both really nice.


The quality is very good and they fit perfectly !

I will definitely recommend you my friends.


Thanks a lot and best regards,

Mitchell Kerr

Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, B.C. , Canada

Hello Peter,

The suit and shirt have been great thank you. They both fit well.

Please keep me informed of when you will be back in the country.

Thank you,


G. Sehmi

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Hi Peter


I hope you are well, apologies for not getting back to you sooner.   I have now received the suits and have to say what a great job you have done, I am very pleased with the suits. 


I note you are in the UK this week, I am in the office tomorrow and will send a email out now and will let you know the response I have received. 


Kind regards




Sam Kiani

Astellas Pharma , Chertsey , United Kingdom

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your email and Thank you for the great products. The suit was of very good quality and the overcoat definitely exceeded expectations.

I do hope to buy from you again but not yet, I will be in touch. My older brother may also be interested, I will let you know as soon as he confirms this to me.

Best Regards,

Sam Kiani


R. Leiter

London, United Kingdom

Hi mate,

Suits are wicked. Thanks a lot.

Yes I'm sure a visit to our office will be fine. Let me know when works with you and we can sort it out.


T. Jonsson

Astellas Pharma, Chertsey, United Kingdom
Hi Peter
Many thanks, suits and shirts arrived and I picked them up today. Stanley was not in to collect but Sam seemed to be impressed with his jacket and suit top, no doubt they will try them out tonight and I will let you know what they think.
My suit and shirts are very good, I like them a lot!


Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Peter,

The suit arrived here this morning and everything fits and looks fantastic!  You guys did an awesome job, I hope to be back your way again in the future.

Thank you very much!


A. Holford

ANZ, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to let you know that the suits did arrive on Monday.  I am very pleased with the quality and fit, and despite the slight delay wanted to say thank you.



L. Glancy

Birmingham, United Kingdom


It’s almost 7.00 pm here, a brief to thank you for the suit and shirts that you designed with me. They fit exactly to what I had hoped and for that once again I thank you very much.

I would wish to place a further order with you, however It may be a question of time If we placed the order this week when is the earliest possible date we could receive the items?

Also Deb was that impressed and asked whether you made dresses?

Once again thank you Peter great Job.



Dr. J. Kingsland

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Thanks Peter


All items received today and a delight to try them on. Thank you for the ties which were an unexpected extra.


I will be in touch in the future


Kind Regards

M. Belinfante

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dear Peter,

Just half an hour ago the suits where delivered at my adress!!!!!

You really made my day. I'm very happy!!!!! Wonderful job done!

I immediately tried them on an they are perfect, although I saw some tiny spots on the brown suit, but nothing to worry about.

I will dry clean everything and I will certainly come back to you with more orders in the feature!!!.

Also the shirts are perfect with nice matching ties

It was all worth waiting for!

Thank you! I will shout out load your name to everybody I know for recommendations!

Take caremy friend.

Best regards


R. M. Emanuels

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dear Peter,

Thanks for letting us know. Our suits are perfect!

Met vriendelijke groet,
Emanuels Makelaardij 

Robin Emanuels Rmt 

G. & S. Townley

London, United Kingdom

Dear Peter, 
We have great memories of Phuket and thank you for all the time and attention you gave us.  We are very pleased with all our suits, dresses, skirts, shirts and blouses.  I wore my "Chanel" suit to a big lunch recently and felt very smart in it.  
We are fine for suits and clothes at this time.  We wish you a very pleasant trip to London. 
Kind regards



Hi Peter,

Jon, Stefan, Rhys & I all received our suits today so many thanks for that. I have to say that I was particularly pleased with the quality of the shirts & I would like to order some more.
If I were to go for say another 6, could you do me a deal? - I'm looking for 3 white ones the same as you sent, and 2 blue and white pinstripes and a black one?
Hope all is well with you,
Best regards,


Vancouver, B.C.

Hey Peter,

I got the suit and everything is great.

Thanks for the ties as well.

The pants are a little long though and I emailed kevin about that…..i’ll speak to him later today.

No worries. 


G. Van Duyk

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hey Peter,

Just a note to say thank you for the suits and shirts, they fit perfectly.

Let me know when you are next back in town and i will make sure to order more from you.

I am looking to have  a dinner suit made for the end of the year, can i send you a picture ?

Big thanks to the team at Suit Master.



K. Church

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Hi Peter,

I haven't had a chance to let you know that we received our clothing.

My items look and fit great.  Sara & I love the linings.  The material of her coat is beautiful.  

She loves her shirts and they fit great.



Hampshire, UK

Dear Peter

Everything has arrived safely thank you and fits very well.

Thank you

Tim Smith


Jonathan Morrow

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Dear Peter,

My suit has arrived. Just wanted to say thank you and once again the cut and fit is fantastic. I have referred some friends and family to your website 

Kind Regards 



James Andersen

London, U.K.


Dear Peter,

Thank you for the suits and the extra ties – nice touch. 

Everything fits perfectly and is in good condition. 

Best regards, 




Hi Peter,


Last week I received the suits in good order. They are beautiful. I could steal the show in Paris immediately. So many thanks.








Been meaning to send an email saying how great the suits are.  Great work!!!

I have had a few people comment on them so let me know next time you are in town (with notice) and I will see if I can arrange for them to meet you.

Thanks again,

Craig Petersen


thank you for the clothing. I received the parcel yesterday. 
The suit is fantastic. I couldn't be happier with it. The fabric is really great and it looks very good. 

The shirts are also terrific. I really like the heaviness of the linen in the 2 casual shirts, as well as the fabrics in the dress shirts.
My winter coat disappeared last week. I think another lawyer has mistaken it for his own - there's been a somewhat similar coat hanging in the barrister's lounge. I still hold out hope that it will be returned.
That said, if you still have the rain coat available to you, could you sew in some kind of label into the interior of it, perhaps with my name? 




Thank you very much for the wonderfull gifts and well done suits and Shirts. I love them.
It also arrived 2 days before my party. It was great timing.
Merry Christmas and
All the best in the New Year. 


Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Peter - I am very happy with my suits, thank you!  

All the best to you and your family for 2015.  My wife and friends are definitely interested in when you're back in Vancouver.  
Best regards, 



Hello Peter,

Just a short note to say that I got back from my holiday and the suit you had made was waiting for me.

I tried it on last night and was very pleased with the fit and finish.


Richard M Lee

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